Spring Break Cruises

Spring Break Cruising

Spring break cruises are popular with families with school-age children, college students on vacation and teachers looking to get away. We can help you find the right spring break sailing — whether you're looking for a party, a family-friendly enclave, a warm-weather destination or even an adults-only cruise.

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  • Best Cruise Yet!
    Celtic Cop
    We chose this cruise as a short getaway during Spring Break. Everything was simply beyond expectations. This was my 5th and best cruise yet. The ship overall was in excellent condition, clean, and sported a friendly atmosphere. The cabin ... Read more
  • DW & I have been on four other cruiselines and this was our first on Carnival. We went on this one since we wanted to join a large group gathering of about 50 folks. Even though it was a four day Carnival Long Beach-Catalina Island-Ensenada-Long ... Read more
  • Looking for Spring Break cruise out of Galveston, decided to try a bigger ship. The Vista feels like a just a bigger Carnival ship with more people and same number of spots. Everything seemed more expensive from drinks to seemingly everything "new" ... Read more
  • 4th Time on Getaway but....
    Firstly avoid Deck 14 like the plague !! We had 14148 (Spa Balcony) and it was by far the nosiest cabin I have ever stayed in - due to the main deck being above, along with ping pong tables, stairs to upper decks (external) and storing point for ... Read more
  • Amazing cruise
    This cruise was amazing, so beautiful and the staff was amazing. The children had many activities to do while older people had there own activities also. I would recommend it every time. The islands were great and the drink package oooooohhh don’t ... Read more