How to Book a Cruise

Choosing Your U.K. Cruise Travel Agent

Booking a cruise online can be confusing, and it's not the only way to book travel. You may want to consider joining the majority of cruisers who book through a travel agent for expert advice and personal service.

Choosing a Cabin

Type, size, location, price -- there's a lot to think about when choosing a cabin, but we'll make it easy for you.
Find a Cruise

Guarantee Cabins

A guarantee cabin can be a way to get a great deal, a free upgrade or the worst cabin onboard. Find out more.

Planning a Group Cruise

Smart planning is the key to a fun and successful "friends and family" cruise. If you're sailing with the gang, read this first.

Last Minute Cruising

Booking at the 11th hour can save you money, but you may not get your dream cruise. Here are our tips for last minute trips.

Best Family-Friendly Staterooms

Not all cabins are created equal. We reveal which ships have the best digs for families -- and all the stuff they bring onboard!