Things to Know Before You Cruise

Connecting @ Sea

From Wi-Fi to mobile phone service and CNN, it's easier than ever to stay connected to the outside world on a cruise.

Cruise Line Alcohol Policies

What's the drinking age onboard? Can I bring a wine or liquor onto the ship? Here are the cruise line's rules about booze.
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Cruise Line Tipping Policies

All the great service comes with a price. Find out who and how much you're expected to tip on your next cruise.

Cruise Line Smoking Policies

Some cruise lines are stricter than others when it comes to where you can smoke onboard. Here are the rules, line by line.

Cruise Line Dress Codes

Tuxedo or shorts at dinner? Each cruise line has its own dress code. Find out what's appropriate to wear onboard.

Alternative Dining

If you're willing to pay extra, you can dine at more intimate and upscale eateries onboard. Here are our favourites.