How to Choose a Cruise

How to Pick a Cruise Ship

We just love to play matchmaker! Use this helpful guide to find "the one" (ship, that is) for you.
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Theme Cruises

Want to dance to your favorite bands, join a foodie group, or sail with actors and sports stars? See our roundup of theme cruises!

Best Ships for First-Timers

Big or small? Traditional or casual? And where to? Our guides to the best ships for first-time cruisers will get you started.

Best Budget Cruises

We reveal the best budget cruises in three categories -- lines, itineraries and seasons -- so you can sail for less.

Hidden Costs of Cruising

Forget what you've heard -- cruising is not all-inclusive. Learn what charges to expect, as well as a few tips for high-seas savings.

Best Ships for Sea Days

Most cruises don't visit a port a day. If you're spending lots of time onboard, find out which ships make the most of days at sea.

Hurricane Season Cruising

Though the chances that your voyage is going to be affected by a hurricane are slim, it is a possibility. We'll tell you what to expect.

Stretching Your Cruise Dollars

From hunting for bargains to restraining onboard spending, here are our top tips for getting the best value on your cruise.

Best Time to Cruise

Europe in October? Alaska in July? We give you the pros and cons of cruising in different seasons.

Best Family Cruises

Ready to pack up the kids and go? Here are our favorite family cruises for each cruising region.