I Booked a Cruise, Now What?

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For first dibs on spa treatments, shore excursions and dinner reservations, book them in advance...online.
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Cruise Packing 101

It's quite tempting to over-pack for a cruise. Here are some tips to keep you well dressed -- and under the baggage weight limit.

Travel Rules and Regulations

Passports, visas, airline regulations, embarkation procedures -- the rules may be confusing, but we'll simplify them for you.

Pre-Cruise Planning Checklist

Don't forget key pre-cruise tasks! Refer to this checklist from the time you book your cruise to the night before you sail.

The Politics of Packing

Cruise Critic members share their best tips for smart packing -- and not leaving anything behind.

What's New in Shore Tours?

Ship tours have gotten more active and innovative in the past few years. Here are the hottest trends in shore excursions.